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Free Printable Multiplication Table Chart Template in PDF & Word

One of the first things a child is taught in school is the multiplication table Chart in mathematics. It is one of the basic foundations of education and continues until our later ages.

Many children despise learning the tables and most of the time indulge in rote learning to memorize the tables. It is very crucial for young children to understand the importance of tables at a young age. Apart from solving mathematics problems and equations in school, it is very important in other aspects of life such as the calculation of money and many other things.

Multiplication Table PDF


The major problem with students is that even when they cram the tables they end up forgetting them. So here we shall discuss with you the solution to this problem which is the tables. Also, we shall discuss with you some tried and tested tips on how you can learn the tables easily.

If you are a parent then en learning these tables is important to make your kids learn them also. So if your kid asks you any questions or asks you to calculate something you can do so mentally. Here we are providing you with the best option by which you can learn these tables and can make your mathematical skills strong. You must make your kids realize the importance of these tables and how it can help them later on in life for calculating on a daily routine or other miscellaneous activities. It is a basic thing which helps us to sharpen our minds and make our calculations faster.

Blank Multiplication Table Chart

Now we are going to share different formats of these tables which will help your child learn multiplication very easily and in a fun way.


These are absolutely free and designed in HD quality so you can download them and take a printout of them. You have many options like you can download it on your laptop or any other device and save it or take a printout. In this way, you can carry them with you anywhere and use it wherever you want. You don’t have to go to markets to purchase this table instead you can take a printout of it from here. You also don’t need to waste your time searching on the internet for this table you can get the best formats from here. So you just need to give the print command and print this table format which you find most relevant.

1. Multiplication Table 1-100

Suppose your you have to go to relatives place with your kids but they have a mathematics test the next day or you have to complete their homework. In such situations, carrying a multiplication chart with you is cumbersome since it is not possible to carry them everywhere. In such situations, the simplest option is to download a printable format of this table and take a printout of it.

Multiplication Table PDF


2. Printable Multiplication Table 1-12

You can also easily store them in your devices such as laptops, mobiles, etc. So in this age of the internet, these tables are a boon for us and enable us to carry them with us anywhere. And since students today are tech-savvy, they will definitely be happy to learn tables through these smart devices.

Multiplication Table Chart


3. Multiplication Table 1-20

After learning the basic tables till 12, you can learn the tables till from 1-20. It will be very useful for you to solve mathematical equations in school and help you clear your school exams. These tables will make learning tables for you very easy and interesting. After learning these tables you can further learn more tables using these tables.

4. Multiplication Table 1-10

As we provide you these tables in various formats, we also provide you with the table chart. This is the most effective way to learn the tables since the tables are given in a chart form and kids can learn many tables at a time. And the best part is that it is available here free of cost.

5. Multiplication Table 1-30

As you would go to the higher classes you would require to learn the tables further. So here we provide you with the printable table from 1-30 in PDF format. These tables will help you learn all the tables till 30. So you would be able to perform larger calculations with speed and accuracy.

Multiplication Tables 1-30


6. Multiplication Table Worksheet

Another great way to learn the tables is by using the printable table worksheet. Even if you are good at multiplication, you can retain what you learn by practicing in this worksheet. It will help you to test yourself and find out the incorrect answers in the table.

Multiplication Table Worksheet


So in conclusion, this table is extremely useful for students to develop the basic foundation of mathematics. It will also make their calculations stronger and help them to perform lengthy calculations in a short span of time.

7. Multiplication Table For Kids

School is the first place where kids are introduced to tables. Since they have young minds they can easily learn the tables at a young age. So kids are taught the basic operations such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. So after learning the numerals and learning the numbers, they can learn the tables.

It is good that the kids learn the tables at a young age since kids brain are sharper than most of us at this age. So they can learn a lot of things at this age. It will create a strong foundation for them if they are able to learn the tables at this age and help them in later years of life.

Multiplication Table for Kids


But most of the kids don’t want to learn the tables since they might find it boring. So it might become difficult for you as a parent to make your kids learn these tables. In this case, you take help of the printable table formats we have provided you here. You can find many formats of table formats which the kids will find cute and attractive.

8. Multiplication Table 1-50

Here in this chart, you can find this table from 1-50 in a single sheet. This chart has been created in such a format that it will be easy for you to do any multiplication from 1-50. It becomes difficult to learn tables from 1-50 so that’s why we are providing this easy-to-use table for you so that you can learn them easily.

Multiplication Table 1-50


You will find many formats of multiplication charts or tables online but this format is neat and in a pleasing format.

Learning the long table is important, and for that, you should first learn the table of 12 very nicely. You should be able to do mentally and without taking the help of a calculator. So if you learn the table of 12 nicely you can learn the rest of the tables easily.

Multiplication Table 1-12


So here we are providing you with the sample tables of 1-12 which will make it easier for you to learn these tables. If you learned these tables easily then you can learn the rest of the tables also using these tables. You can learn the tables very easily from these tables you just need to give your time and focus.

Multiplication Table 1-20


If you do not want to learn tables further then you can learn the tables till 20 only. These tables will help you do your basic calculations and can help you strengthen your mental calculations.

Learning this tables in the old way can be cumbersome as well as difficult. So if you want to learn the tables you can learn it easily through the multiplication chart of 1-100 we have provided here.

Multiplication Table 1-100


9. Multiplication Table Games

Kids are very inquisitive and we can make them learn a lot of things through games in a fun way. It will also help you test how much have they learned and where do they need to pay attention to. They will also retain the tables for a longer period of time if they learn through games and puzzles.

Multiplication Table Games


So here we are providing you with printable multiplication games and puzzles which will help your kids to learn the tables in a fun way.

If you want to learn the Blank multiplication tables by yourself rather than memorizing them, then blank table is the best option for you. In this, the numbers for counting are provided in the table and rest you have to calculate and write down.

Blank Multiplication Table


Printable Multiplication Table Chart in PDF

For Table 1 – PDF

Printable Multiplication Table

For Table 2 – PDF

Multiplication Table

For Table 3 – PDF

Printable Multiplication CHART

For Table 4 – PDF

Printable Multiplication Table

For Table 5 –  PDF

BLANK Multiplication Table

For Table 6 – PDF

Printable Multiplication Table

For Table 7 – PDF

Printable Multiplication Table

For Table 8 – PDF

Printable Multiplication Table

For Table 9 – PDF

9 Multiplication Table

For Table 10 – PDF

10 Multiplication Table

Through this article, we have tried to cover all the topics related to this table formats. But if you think we are missing out or want to give us any suggestions, feel free to contact us anytime.